Loosely inspired by Futurist paroliberismo (words-in-freedom), calligraphy constitute the main document of the creative process behind each of my performance/video projects. Here you can also see the mixture between historical and contemporary calligraphy.
Handwriting is not just a means to express thoughts, we also think through the physical and visual act of writing. The relevance of a calligraphic work does not resides just in the content of the text but also in its image: The way in which we draw letters is also full of meaning. I am particularly interested in calligraphy as texture. Full info on Saatchi Art


Calligraphy for the project That Mysterious Light 2018

Caligraphy for the project Iter, 2017


Panel 2

My body is my only belonging. From the project The room 2017 (1.80 m x 1.50 m)


Calligraphy for the performance Fragmentos recobrados, 2016

What is Performance Art?. 2016

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